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Crushed Stone Aggregates

At Rearcross Quarries Ltd we supply a large range of crushed stone aggregates for use in a variety of applications, all of which are fully CE certified and pyrite free. We pride ourselves on the quality of our crushed stone aggregates, all of which have undergone stringent testing to ensure they are up to standard. For your convenience, we have a fleet of rigid and artic trucks available to deliver your order or, alternatively, you can collect the stone from our quarry.


Our crushed stone aggregates can be collected from our quarry or delivered to you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

SR21 Annex E

SR 21 is a document listing the Irish Standard Recommendations on the use of the European Standard EN 13242. The document gives guidance on the best options to choose for specific engineering applications.

Annex E is a section of SR 21 which deals specifically with guidance on specifying aggregate properties for granular fill for use under concrete floors or footpaths.

All crushed aggregate stone supplied by Rearcross Quarries Ltd meets the SR21 Annex E standard.

Crushed Stone Description
6” Down 150mm
4” Down 100mm
3” Down 75mm

2” Down

0.75” Down 20mm
6”-10” Clean
4” Clean
3” Clean

2” Clean

1.5” Clean 37.5mm
Clause 810/806 Wet mix
Clause 804 Type B – Granular Fill
Clause 803 Type A
Clause 808
CL 503 10mm Pea Gravel
Class 6n Fill To Structure
Class 6f1 & 6f2 Capping Layer Material
Rock Armour
Crushed Shale
Quarry Run

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